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Introduction  to Medical Hypnosis for Pain Control

Introduction to Medical Hypnosis for Pain Control


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Hypnosis is a helpful tool for managing pain. It changes awareness and teaches how to overcome pain by increasing comfort. It is not a substitute for medical intervention, but can be beneficial for those already under medical care or with chronic pain. Hypnosis is a natural process that involves relaxation and focused concentration. It helps recover from illness, accidents, and traumas. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and there is no right or wrong way to experience it. The session focuses on teaching mindfulness and increasing comfort rather than focusing on pain. It is easy to enter a state of hypnosis by inducing eye fatigue. The session guides listeners to relax and become aware of their physical sensations and wellness within their bodies. This skill can be used to overcome limitations and create a sense of peace. Hypnosis is an effective tool for managing pain. The reason for this is simple. It changes your awareness and teaches you how to overcome the pain by increasing the level of comfort you feel. This hypnosis session is not a substitute for medical intervention. Pain is a resource of the body that should be listened to as it can alert us to medical needs that require attention, but for those already under the care of a physician or those enduring chronic pain, learning skills of hypnosis can be an excellent way to see pain from a new perspective. By using hypnosis, you can remove the hurt from the pain and create an awareness that can help you to become more mindful of life outside of pain. This is a natural process. Each person enters hypnosis daily as we cycle from high levels of alertness to slower periods of the day and then into deep sleep. Hypnosis is a form of relaxation coupled with focused concentration. It is a time to use the creative and intuitive parts of the mind to help the body experience something new. It can help us recover from illness, accident, traumas. By using the natural resource state within us, we can create more ease. All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis and there is not a right way or a wrong way for you to experience this. You don't even have to try to be hypnotized. After all, you already know how to experience hypnosis if you can breathe and rest. In a state of naturally induced relaxation, the mind and body work together to heal, mend, learn, create, and experience something wonderful. If you're ready to create a new learning experience, relax and get comfortable. In this session, I'm going to teach you methods of taking physical control over your body. These methods can be used at any time and they have tremendous applications for managing many aspects of your life. You do not have to try to experience anything. You can just let go and enjoy this session in any way that you want to. Pain may be the awareness that caused you to seek out this hypnosis session, but after this brief introduction, the word pain will not be used again. You already know how to experience pain and you've been easily aware of your pain. In fact, you may have even been told by doctors or others that you would feel pain, and as a result, you have been consciously expecting and even anticipating pain. You have no difficulty being aware of pain, and so there's no need for me to focus on the pain or even use the word during this session time together. The skills in the session will not be focused on pain, but rather teaching a concept called mindfulness. You will learn that pain can coexist with comfort, that hurt can be reduced, and that it is the awareness of comfort that's important. So often we are asked, what is your pain level? And this question only serves to increase our awareness of pain. Usually does anyone ask, what is your comfort level today? That is the question that I want to focus on, because increasing comfort is the easiest way for the mind and the body to work together to end pain. You can focus on anything you want, and this session will teach you how to develop the skills to create an awareness of things you might not have been aware of before. Mindfulness is an amazing skill that's a function of the intuitive and creative part of the mind, and as you relax, you may become aware of many things, and this is good. Select a point on the far wall where you can focus your attention. Now bring all of your attention to that spot. It is easy to enter a state of hypnosis, and one way to do that is to induce eye fatigue. Many people who go through this simple process find that going into deep trance quickly is a natural result. Deep trance will simply feel like a state of relaxation in the mind and the body. You will still be able to hear my voice. Hypnosis is not a state of unconsciousness, but rather a state of dreamy relaxation where the mind is open to new experiences. Are you ready? I am going to count backwards from 20 to 1. With each number, close your eyes. Between numbers, open your eyes. For example, 20, close eyes, open. 19, close eyes, open. 18, close eyes, open. Perfect? Okay. Let's begin. 20. 19. 18. Notice how you've become absorbed in this process. 17. Pushing aside any distractions. 16. 15. 14. It becomes harder and harder to open the eyes. 13. 12. And any time it becomes preferable to keep the eyes closed, just keep them closed. 11. Simply imagine you are opening them. 10. 9. Perfect. Although you can hear my voice, you are very relaxed. You are not asleep, only deeply relaxed. 8. 7. 6. Letting go of any stress. 5. 4. Completely relaxed. 3. 2. And 1. Relaxed in both mind and body. Take a deep breath. Just breathe in and breathe out. And as you breathe out, allow a sense of relaxation to become a part of your experience. Breathing in for 2. And out for 4. Breathing in for 2. And out for 4. Relaxing any muscles that need to be relaxed. Unclench the jaw. Let the muscles of the brow relax. You can even let your shoulders drop a bit as you let go of any tension that remains. You can let your chin fall towards your chest a bit. And as your chin falls towards the chest, you'll notice the muscles in the neck and shoulders relax even more. Sending that relaxation through the arms, the forearms, and even into the hands and the tiny muscles of the fingers. It feels pretty good to relax and use the resource state of hypnosis that you're creating, doesn't it? With each breath, double the sensation of relaxation. This is that resource state we call hypnosis. You are not asleep. Just deeply relaxed. In fact, during your time in this state, you may be paying attention to each and every word that I use. Or, you might not be paying attention at all. And instead, are only hearing every third, fifth, or tenth word. Either way is fine. It doesn't matter if you're in a light trance or a deep level trance. What's most important is that you have committed to learning something new. And are using this resource as a key in your life. So you can continue to apply what you've learned to every aspect of your success. Because this is just a demonstration of what it feels like to be in hypnosis in this moment. And as you feel this stage and this sensation, I want you to cement it in this feeling, this calmness. By pressing your forefinger and your thumb together. As if you were making an okay sign. Feeling that feeling of relaxation and trance. As you cement that into your fingers as an anchor that you can always return to. Anytime you wish to feel calm and relaxed sinking even deeper. It is from this state of relaxation that you may choose your level of awareness. You can focus on each and every word. Relaxing and yet aware. Or, you can drift into an even deeper state of relaxation. Perhaps your conscious mind won't even pay attention to the specific words I use. But rather, simply absorb the experience through the lens of the subconscious mind. And either way is fine. This is your learning experience. And you can experience it any way that's meaningful to you. And so, just as you are able to easily use the creative part of your mind to shift your awareness, you can see how this skill could have transformational power. This is because no matter how difficult experiences may seem, the person who is still alive has more right with them than wrong with them. The person who is still alive has more right with them than wrong with them. Even in periods of illness or discomfort. It's just that up until this point, any treatments you've been receiving have served to draw your awareness to what is wrong. However, it is now time to shift your awareness to what is right within you. Even though it may have been a long time since you focused on the wellness inside of you, the comfort inside of you, you can now begin to feel a sense of that wellness. Just like the moment when you move your awareness inside of the mind and become more aware of the part that creates awareness, you can become aware of the wellness inside of you, no matter how small that wellness might feel right now. For some, it might feel like energy within. For others, it might be a visualization of wellness, or just a knowledge of the concepts that we're talking about in this session. Any of those is fine. For each experience, it'll be a little bit different with everyone. So as you focus on the wellness inside of you, you can continue to learn and experience awareness. Focus on experiencing that within you that is well. See if you can become aware of the cells that are healthy. Imagine them with me right now. Feel the cells that are healthy within your body and the ease with which your blood can move throughout your body. Imagine it bringing nutrients and the essence of life even to those parts of the body that others have labeled as thick. It is remarkable how this awareness is healing in and of itself. It is something you can sense even if you've never felt this before, or even if it's been a long time since you were attentive to the well part of yourself. And as you relax deeper, allow yourself to let go of any of the negative projections, the predictions of others. Just focus on this awareness of what it is to feel well within you and go even deeper, creating visual images with the mind that bring a sense of peace. This is a wonderful experience. And it's not an experience that I just created for you, but rather an experience that you are creating within yourself. And this skill is one that you will easily be able to learn and re-experience at any point in life when you need to overcome the limitations you're feeling. Again, allow yourself to hear each word I'm using right now with your subconscious mind. Each and every single word become extremely aware of. You can also choose to drift, dream, and float. As you experience this session, use the creative part of the mind to imagine two knobs. Imagine one on the left and one on the right. These knobs exist on a computer controller that is connected to your body and mind. In reality, such a controller does exist in your mind, so this visual representation is quite practical. The knob on the left, volume, control of discomfort. And up until this point, you have been listening to it on high volume. As you listen to this knob, slowly turn it to the left to turn down the volume of discomfort. Feel that hurt fade away and experience your ability to turn down this level of awareness. Excellent. Now, knob on the right. This is your comfort level, which is something you most likely have not been listening to on a daily basis. Turn this knob to the right to experience the increase of comfort within you, as the feelings of peace and serenity can increase. Feel the sensation of wellness surge through your body and physical comfort increase. This is not just a mental exercise. You can actually experience these changes. Perhaps you've already even noticed an increase in the heaviness of your body as you enter a more relaxed state. Or, perhaps you notice lightness in the body as the volume of comfort energizes every cell until they feel like they're tingling with life. Some people notice other sensations, such as a tingling in the top layer of the skin. Other people do not have such obvious changes as they learn this process, but they experience the change over a period of time as they practice these skills of hypnosis. Again, any outcome is okay, because this process of creating new awareness is an experimental process. It's one that you will experience as the wellness within you becomes more and more into your awareness, and it spreads through every fiber of your being. Everyone who engages in this process of increasing comfort also finds that as the knob representing comfort is increased, depression, despair, and anxiety can give way to new feelings of healing and acceptance and hope. A new peace is gained by being attentive to comfort. Increasing that comfort and wellness that is already inside will easily bring these positive feelings to the attentive mind and carry you through each day. Sometimes when I'm teaching people these skills, they fear that the feeling of wellness or comfort that they've been able to increase is just temporary, or it only exists for the length of the hypnosis session. This is not true. You can easily create this experience of turning down the knob on the left and decreasing the pain or the volume of hurt or discomfort anytime. In fact, you can even do it again now by visualizing that control on the left and decreasing the intensity or the volume of discomfort down until it's barely a whisper. Now, in the stillness of the mind, slowly turn that imaginary knob on the right to a higher level of comfort. You may become more aware of your comfort level. Feel the sense of wellness within you, that energy of health building. And you can turn it as high as you would like, increasing your comfort to the highest level you've experienced in a long time. And this can feel very freeing. So enjoy that experience for a moment and simply allow the mind to expand the awareness of your ability to be attentive to the well part of you. You have the ability to recreate the feeling that you have now just by closing your eyes for a brief moment and bringing yourself back to this point. In fact, you'll find that in the mornings, you'll easily turn the control knob and increase the volume of comfort. You can carry this feeling with you throughout all the tasks of each day. And while your awareness may shift to difficulty from time to time, you can easily recognize inside of you the place of wellness again and focus on it as easily as any other state. You can listen to the body and respond by caring for it through proper nutrition, rest, and even various treatments such as medication or medical care. And as you do, the awareness of wellness remains paramount, increasing each day as you master these skills and move forward. As you relax, having enjoyed this period of relaxation, you can continue to keep your eyes closed and be aware of the experience that brings every cell of your body vibrancy and wellness. I'm going to give you another moment to experience the stillness of this thought and whatever else you need to experience, know that it's perfectly okay. You may want to release from past sorrows or even experience a new feeling of joy and hope. At this time, let's let go of any discomfort and increase the experience of comfort, peace, or you can just be still. And as you continue to keep your eyes closed, it is time to reorient your attention to the room around you once again. Shift your awareness to the part of the mind that creates alertness. Begin feeling more awake and alert, now shifting your awareness back to that point directly in front of you. Knowing that this time has been beneficial, finding it even easier in the future to experience hypnosis and healing and health. Now imagine that spot in the center of the room. Open your eyes if you would like, feeling more energetic, stretch any muscles, stretch, shake your hands out, take a deep breath, and focus your attention at the starting point on the far wall. Good. Breathe in deeply, restoring all energy to the body, stretching the back and the neck. Now you become fully alert, fully awake, ready to practice these healing principles in all of your life experience today. Copyright © 2020 Mooji Media Ltd. All Rights Reserved. No part of this recording may be reproduced without Mooji Media Ltd.'s express consent. Copyright © 2020 Mooji Media Ltd. All Rights Reserved. No part of this recording may be reproduced without Mooji Media Ltd.'s express consent.

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